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No More Cable Clutter: Antec Neopower 480

Ready For PCI Express

As part of the package, users also get a six-pin power cable, which is used for the newer PCI-Express graphics cards from NVIDIA. If users do not yet have such a card in their computer, this cable does not have to be connected to the power supply. And that, of course, means that you have one less cable to annoy you in the PC.

An important cable for PCI-Express graphics cards from NVIDIA

NVIDIA's latest coup: Next-generation power supply

A Universal Motherboard Connector

Adapter included for regular ATX motherboards

The Neopower power supply comes standard with a 24-pin motherboard connector, which is used with WTX and Opteron boards. New Socket 775 motherboards also need such a main power connector.

Regular boards, however, have a 20-pin connector - the Neopower package includes the corresponding adapter for this as well.

The 12 Volt and 24-pin motherboard plugs are firmly connected to the power supply.