No More Cable Clutter: Antec Neopower 480

A Patent For Cable Clutter?

Cable management with Neopower’s power supply

When it comes to power supplies, performance and noise level aren’t the only important factors. Antec’s example shows that users can, in fact, substantially reduce the usual cable clutter. The Neopower ATX v2.0 power supply includes a cable management system for which a patent has been applied. The idea is simple and brilliant. Typically, users that have a traditional ATX power supply do not need all the connectors for peripherals. As a result, these connectors are left dangling in the case, unused and potentially hampering air circulation. Things are different, though, with the Antec Neopower power supply.

The individual connectors for IDE, S-ATA and disk drives are plugged in separately to the power supply via the four available output connectors. Also, the cables for the installed peripherals come in different lengths and can be placed inside any case without problems.

The box containing the power supply

An unfamiliar look : Here, the various peripheral connectors are still missing. The building-block principle : cables can be individually positioned

Here the Neopower looks like a power supply.

Siggy Moersch