The CalDigit S2VR Duo RAID Enclosure


As you can see from the data transfer benchmarks, the S2VR Duo is an excellent external RAID box that offers exceptional data transfer speeds, especially in RAID 0 configuration.

If we had to find a drawback, we would mention the enclosure's apparent lack of versatility. Sure, the PCI Express card allows for the connection of up to four of these external drive enclosures, but the unit itself is limited to two drives. In addition, with no USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 connections, this external drive isn't all that mobile - you're pretty much forced to stick with the computer to which you initially connected the S2VR. The alternative is to pop out the PCI Express card and set it up elsewhere, or ensure that you only move the unit to other PCs that already have an existing eSATA port; neither prospect is particularly appealing.

Overall though, this is nitpicking. The S2VR Duo isn't advertised as a mobile solution, and it does what it claims to do: it allows for fast data transfer in an external drive enclosure.

Author's Opinion

I have to say that I like the S2VR Duo; it has a good, clean design, and delivers solidly in the areas that it targets. Like I said in the beginning of the article, there are advantages to external drives other than mobility. I personally like the idea of having some speedy external storage, so this product definitely appeals to me.

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