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Cheaper, Faster and More Versatile: External Hard Drives from CoolMax, Maxtor and Seagate

Seagate External Hard Drive With Pushbutton Backup

Seagate has added BounceBack Express software to its latest external drive. However, it lags behind the Maxtor device functionally. A backup can also be initiated by pressing the relevant button on the device.

In contrast to the Maxtor OneTouch II's metal casing, Seagate opts for hard plastic, which also makes for a great design. Another advantage the plastic offers is the weight savings, as Seagate's External Hard Drive is much lighter than the OneTouch II.

Seagate has also been generous with the supported interfaces; a USB 2.0 and two Firewire ports are mounted in the drive for easy connection to most modern PCs. Thanks to a small stand, the external hard drive can be operated standing up or on its side - modern hard drives aren't fussy any more. If operated on its side, several can be stacked on top of each other, which the rounded sides make possible.

A power switch is included to cut power consumption when the device is not used. We received a model with 200 GB of storage space; however, the latest models come with the Barracuda 7200.8, which holds up to 400 GB. The device is optionally available without Firewire ports. As far as flexibility goes, we would still recommend insisting on both interfaces.