Does Chipset-to-GPU Matching Matter?

ATI Graphics: Sapphire X1950XTX

While a few companies have produced overclocked versions, most X1950XTX graphics cards are identical right down to the sink. Today's X1950XTX "standard edition" card is brought to you courtesy of Sapphire.

Nvidia Graphics: Foxconn 8800GTX

As was the case with the competing graphics processor, most 8800GTX cards are identical save for a few special overclocked or water-cooled versions. This 8800GTX "standard version" was supplied by Foxconn.

Intel Platform: MSI P965 Platinum

The P965 chipset sets the baseline because it shouldn't have any graphics-brand specific optimizations. The award-winning MSI P965 Platinum was chosen for its performance leadership, keeping this older Intel mainstream chipset in the best possible light when comparing newer enthusiast parts from ATI and Nvidia.

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