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Computex 2001 Exclusive: New Graphics Chips from SiS and Trident

Test Setup

System Information
CPUAMD Athlon, 1000 MHz
MotherboardMSI-6341, AMD760
Memory256 MB DDR Infineon, CL 2.5
NetworkRealtek 8139C, 100 Mbit
Hard DriveIBM DTLA 307030, 7200 rpm, 30 GB
Graphics Cards
GeForce2 MX400Asus V7100 Pure64 MB SDRAMDrivers: 12.40
SiS 315Club 3D Engineering Sample32 MB SDRAMDrivers: (May 17, 2001)
Trident Blade 3DClub 3D Engineering Sample32 MB SDRAM
Operating SystemWindows 98 SE 4.10.2222 A
DirectX Version8.0a
Quake 3 ArenaRetail versioncommand line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0
Expendable Demo16 Bit, no sound
DronezNormal: 16 Bit, bilinear filteringHigh Quality: 32 Bit, trilinear filtering
3DMark 2001Downloadable Version

We had to run these benchmarks in our makeshift Computex lab so, we didn't have our standard testing rigs in Taiwan. A GeForce2 MX200 would have been the 1st choice for a budget 3D card comparison, since both the SiS and the Trident chip target the low-end market. Unfortunately, we were only given those prototype boards for one day, so that there was no time to get any other graphics card except the MX400 for comparison. Also, we had to use a 15" TFT display during our testing, resulting in a maximum resolution of 1024x768. However, as the newcomers are not meant to be high-end products, this resolution should be enough to give you a fair picture of how the final products will perform.

SiS 315Trident Blade XP
Chip Clock166 MHz166 MHz
Memory Clock166 MHz125 MHz