Computex 2013: Cases, Storage, Motherboards, And More

Lian-Li, Patriot, NZXT, And SanDisk At Computex 2013


Lian-Li had some new enclosures in its booth at Computex this year. First, we saw the double-wide PC-D600, an EATX case with two 120 mm and three 140 mm fans, which the company hopes to make available by the end of this year.

The large EATX PC-V2130 includes two 120 mm fans in front, one in the rear, and four on the side of the enclosure.

The microATX PC-V358 folds open, and your motherboard mounts flat on the bottom. This case sports three 120 mm fans.

Lastly, we checked out the PC-Q30, a uniquely stylish mini-ITX enclosure that employs a single 140 mm fan for airflow. It's expected to arrive in the U.S. next month for $139.


Patriot is in the process of shifting its focus to address an increasingly mobile-oriented market. Company reps started by showing off its Fuel+ external battery line-up. The small square-shaped 1500 mAh charger works exclusively with Apple devices sporting a Lightning connector. Thankfully for PC enthusiasts, the larger 2200 and 3000 mAh rectangular models feature a generic USB port. The largest 5200, 6000, 7800, and 9000 mAh versions offer 2.5 A output to charge devices faster. Patriot claims the mobile batteries retain 70% of their potential after 300 cycles (estimated to be two years of use), and members of the Fuel+ family will cost between $40 and $100.

Next, we were introduced to the Aero, a wireless mobile hard drive and Wi-Fi pass-through device available with 500 GB or 1 TB of capacity. Essentially an upgraded 320 with tweaked firmware, Patriot says the Aero might achieve a bit more wireless range. But the main feature is support for larger drives.

We also saw Patriot's new 64 GB s-mini and Tab USB 3.0 thumb drives.

Patriot wrapped up our booth tour by showing off its Supersonic Magnum USB drive, available with up to 256 GB of capacity for $299.


NZXT was exhibiting a handful of fully-modular power supplies for value-oriented shoppers. Its Hale82 V2 is 80 PLUS Bronze-certified. The 550 W model sells for $80, while the 700 W version is $100. Both feature a 135 mm fan, which is quieter than the 120 mm coolers used previously due to fewer RPM.

The new H230 chassis was also on display. This is an entry-level enclosure, designed to be affordable, but also quiet with three 120 mm fans (one for exhaust in the back, and two for intake up front). It has a removable hard drive cage and uses the same sound dampening material as the H2 at a $70 price point.

Company reps also showed us its Phantom 530, a revamped version of the original Phantom at the same price point, with features like steel latches, fully modular hard drive cages, liquid cooling support, room for a 360 mm radiator up top, and a 240 mm radiator in the front. While the original Phantom had a 120 mm fan in back and 24 mm of cable management space, the Phantom 530 sports a 140 mm blower and and 35 mm of space behind the motherboard tray. Expect the new version to go on sale this month for $130.

Incidentally, a demo system based on the 530 was on display with three Kraken coolers; the original Phantom wasn't Kraken-compatible.

Speaking of liquid cooling, we spotted a prototype universal VGA bracket that's compatible with the Kraken X40 and just about any other Asetek-branded cooler. These were demonstrated on two GeForce GTX Titan cards, each using a Kraken X60. This bracket is expected to cost about $15 when it's launched.


SanDisk released the mainstream Ultra Plus in January, and now the company's higher-end Extreme II is available as well. You can purchase the 120 GB model for $130, the 240 GB version for $225, and the 480 GB flagship for $450 on Newegg. It's an exceptionally fast drive based on 19 nm flash memory. Read our review of this product here: SanDisk Extreme II SSD Review: Striking At The Heavy-Hitters.

  • JJ1217
    That Phantom 530 looks gorgeous. Definitely going to go for one of those when they come out.
  • Au_equus
    I don't know about the next guy, but I wouldn't be "Boasting a resolution of 1920x1080." The PQ321 on the other hand... :)
  • slomo4sho
    Looking forward to the universal VGA brackets for liquid coolers.
  • crABtoad
    I don't get the world first claim on the Poseidon...Arctic has the Accelero Hybrid which seems like it's the same thing, but not ROG-themed.
  • rmerwede
    Was really hoping to see the Bitfenix booth with all the new m-ATX cases they have lined up.
  • Marcus52
    11096415 said:
    I don't get the world first claim on the Poseidon...Arctic has the Accelero Hybrid which seems like it's the same thing, but not ROG-themed.

    Uh, Arctic makes cooling solutions, they don't sell complete graphics cards with the cooler installed. The ROG Poseidon will be the first video card with the hybrid solution already on it.
  • lanhuazhi
    yes.Looking forward to the universal VGA brackets for liquid coolers. thanks