Computex 2013: Memory, Power, Cooling, Storage, And More

Enermax At Computex 2013


Enermax showed us that it has quite a few new products in the pipeline. First, we saw the Aeolus, an aluminum laptop cooler. Available in July, it comes with the large 25 cm Vegas fan, so called because of the impressive variety of lighting effects it offers. This product will retail for about $50.

We also saw the AeroOdio, a larger cooling pad for gaming laptops with an integrated speaker system. It should be available in late August in the $80 to $90 range.

The company’s upcoming iVektor case boasts a nice design. It includes two 120 mm fans up front, two 120 mm fans on top, and a single 120 mm fan around back. There’s ample room for a 240 x 120 mm radiator if you’re interested in liquid cooling, too.

Speaking of liquid coolers, Enermax has a couple of closed-loop models that will be available in August (unless a patent infringement accusation by Asetek can’t be resolved). The Aquachanger 120 and Liqtech 120 will be about $70 and $90, respectively, assuming they make it to store shelves. The more expensive Liqtech features an all-aluminum water block instead of plastic, with face-to-face contact for better thermal transfer.

Enermax also introduced 400 to 520 W fanless PSUs at the show, and it said it hopes to bring 550 and 650 W models to market before September, if the engineers can keep them running cool enough. Those last two are expected to cost $170 and $190.

The Triathlor Eco line is Enermax’s new budget family of 80 PLUS-certified PSUs. Under pressure for lower pricing, these new models deliver the same efficiency as their predecessors for a $10 savings.

A step up from the Eco versions, the Triathlor Gold is a more premium power supply slated to replace the current Revolution models, but with a fairly substantial $30 price drop. Enermax plans to offer these from 425 to 725 W.

In some cases, air pressure is actually preferable to raw volume. To address this, the company designed a 120 mm High Air Pressure (HAP) fan.

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