Will Core Duo Notebooks Trade Battery Life For Quicker Response?

Results From The Multitasking Scenarios

Multitasking I: WinRAR + Lame

The system with the dual core CPU far outperforms those with single core CPUs.

Multitasking II: WinRAR + Lame + Ogg + WMV

When running four applications in parallel, the Centrino Duo system outclasses all single core notebooks.

Multitasking III: FineReader + AVG Anti-Virus

Those who have a dual core notebook need not disappear for an extra morning coffee break when a virus scan runs! The advantage of a Core Duo notebook may appear small in this case, but these results can't dispel the fact that even when such a system is heavily loaded, it still responds promptly to keyboard input. That means you can let your virus scanner run in the background, yet still keep working on a document or continue surfing the Web.