Will Core Duo Notebooks Trade Battery Life For Quicker Response?

Models And Pricing For Core Duo And Core Solo CPUs

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ProcessorProcessor NumberCore ClockPrice 1k unit
Intel Core Duo ProcessorT2600Dual 2.16 GHz$637
Intel Core Duo ProcessorT2500Dual 2.00 GHz$423
Intel Core Duo ProcessorT2400Dual 1.83 GHz$294
Intel Core Duo ProcessorT2300Dual 1.66 GHz$241
Intel Core Solo ProcessorT1300Single 1.66 GHz$209
Intel Core Duo Processor LVL2400Dual 1.66 GHz$316
Intel Core Duo Processor LVL2300Dual 1.5 GHz$284

Intel is starting with the introduction of seven new CPU models. The Core Solo Processor T1300 in this current line-up represents Intel's only single-core Yonah processor. On the die, however, the Core Solo T1300 includes two independent processing units (cores), one of which Intel turns off during the chip validation process.

What Intel has now that it never had before is a dual core ultra low voltage processor, intended specifically for use in ultra portable notebooks. This is an area where recent experience makes us believe a performance boost could be especially beneficial. That's because ultra portable notebooks and Tablet PCs bog down too often by virtue of the weak processor performance our testing has revealed, which makes them into what can only be described as slick but expensive portable typewriters. The two low voltage models, L2400 and L2300, presumably aim directly at the ultra light mobile PC market. With maximum power consumption that's probably somewhat over 10 W, they must be actively cooled under all circumstances. Of course, this requires more energy still, and also has an impact on their overall noise level.