Will Core Duo Notebooks Trade Battery Life For Quicker Response?

Battery Life: MobileMark 2005

The MobileMark 2005 benchmarks test the behavior of a mobile computer running on battery power. There are four battery life tests: Office productivity, Read and search, DVD playback, and Wireless Web browsing. Every test uses real applications and runs from the moment at which the power cord is removed from the notebook until the moment when the battery runs completely out of power. Test results are written to a log file at 10 second intervals.

MobileMark 2005 also calculates two types of performance values while these tests are running: an overall performance value and the average response time for the completion of all tasks in the office productivity test. The overall performance value builds on average response time, but is stated in terms of a standard reference system outfitted with average components that's scored at 100 points for comparison purposes.

The following diagrams depict the MobileMark 2005 test results for the Asus Centrino Duo system as well as for comparison systems, all of which were built using the older, second generation Centrino platform. Our analysis and conclusions follows after these diagrams.