Overclocked On Air: Intel's Core i5-750

Speeding Up: Up To 4 GHz With More Voltage

3.8 GHz was easy to reach. We only had to increase the nominal BIOS voltage from 1.25V to 1.32V voltage.

We reached 4.0 GHz with a further voltage increase to 1.45V. We also increased the PCH voltage (P55) to be on the safe side, but our first issue didn’t appear before reaching 4.1 GHz.

Bear in mind that 1.45V is where Thomas ran into trouble with three of his P55-based motherboards in P55 On A Budget (ASRock, ECS, and MSI all failed in that story). we have a follow-up planned in the next week to address what each vendor is doing to improve those less-expensive models for enthusiasts.