Game Over? Core 2 Duo Knocks Out Athlon 64


First of all let me sort the facts: As soon as Core 2 Duo hits the market, it will...

  • be the fastest x86 processor (both single and dual core models)
  • make the Pentium D and all predecessors look like antiques
  • be the clear choice for performance users despite its rather expensive price
  • outperform the complete Athlon 64 family (X2 and FX) in all areas, including gaming, where AMD has traditionally been very strong
  • consume less energy than other standard desktop processors
  • transform the whole Intel platform from an energy-hungry beast to a reasonable solution that is competitive in terms of performance per Watt

We expect Core 2 Duo to roll out slower than Intel proclaims, so don't expect to get every model in every shop right from the start. All eyes are staring at Intel, especially after it announced decreasing revenues and layoffs. For these reasons we believe that it will do everything that is necessary to ensure a stable processor supply.

Is the game over for AMD then? By no means. The performance race might be over for the time being, but it still can look at more attractive platforms for the enthusiast customer base (for ATI Crossfire and Nvidia SLI). In addition, AMD spokesperson Damon Muzny told us earlier this week that AMD intends to adjust its processor prices to keep delivering the best price/performance for the customer. Although we do not have any numbers yet, you can be pretty sure that the price cuts will be substantial, so check processor prices before you buy! And that is not all: There are AMD's low-power Athlon 64 X2 processors, rated at 65 W and 35 W - these will help the firm to compete in the digital home space. As Intel moves towards its first quad core processor in the winter and AMD will rollout first 65 nm processors, we will certainly see the battle heating up even more.

Read the TG Daily news on Intel's July 27 Core Duo launch.

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  • MrPerlishells
    I wonder how many computer actually have the SpeedStep or Cool & Quiet enabled.
  • V3NOM
    90% of them considering a tiny amount of the market is overclockers who turn it off...
  • gnrsu
    One simple app to take full use of the DST data:
  • gnrsu
    One simple app to take full use of the DST data: