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Corsair H100i RGB Platinum Review: More Color, Less Cooler

Testing Results and Conclusion

Comparison Coolers

Using data from previous cooler evaluations, we are able to compare the performance of the Corsair H110i RGB Platinum to other coolers in its market segment. We're comparing data against the newly released Corsair H115i RGB Platinum (280 AIO), the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R RGB (240 AIO) and the Corsair H100i Pro (240 AIO).

The H100i RGB Platinum lagged behind the larger H115i RGB Platinum and the MasterLiquid ML240R RGB, while the H100i Pro turned in the coolest load temperatures, including a 50 percent fan speed result that beat even the 100 percent full fan speed results from the rest of the test quartet.

Fan speeds aren’t directly to blame, as above we see close speeds between first and last place. Interestingly, pump speeds on the group-leading H100i Pro were a bit lower than that of the last-place H100i and third-place H115i RGB Platinum, although all three are Corsair products.

High fan speeds often result in higher registered noise levels, which leaves us with no real surprises in the above graph. The two H100i coolers have the speediest fans, which gave them the highest decibel readings. However, the pair of larger, 140mm fans on the H115i RGB Platinum also appear to want their voices heard.

Higher noise levels led the pair of H100i coolers to take a hit in terms of cooling versus noise efficiency. Meanwhile, the H115i and MasterLiquid ML240R RGB benefitted from having very similar thermal load and decibel reading results.

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Thermal imaging from our FLIR ONE Pro camera shows slightly raised heat soak in the cooler tubing and radiator at 50 percent fan speeds. The additional volume of moving air makes a large impact on the overall thermal loads being carried by the coolant.

Things get rather interesting when we bring unit cost into the fold. The H100i RGB Platinum (240 AIO) currently retails at around $160 (£122) while the H115i RGB Platinum (280 AIO) has an asking price of $170 (£130). By comparison, the MasterLiquid ML240R RGB and H100i Pro (both 240 AIOs) are about $120 (£91) each and churn out better thermal performance and have RGB lighting (although the H100i Pro only has it on the pump).

This leaves us scratching our heads as to why someone would consider paying a 30 percent premium for not-quite-as-good thermal performance and RGB lighting that can be had for less money…from Corsair themselves. 

However, you can still have your cake and eat it too if you are looking at a Corsair 240 AIO cooler: it just happens to be the H100i Pro and not the H100i RGB Platinum.

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