Corsair MP600 Mini 1TB SSD Review: Corsair’s Foray into M.2 2230 Storage

Another contender enters the ring.

Corsair MP600 Mini SSD
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Tom's Hardware Verdict

The Corsair MP600 Mini is a safe TLC upgrade option for your M.2 2230 devices. It’s fast and efficient, but only available at 1TB.


  • +

    Good all-around and sustained performance

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    Corsair name and support with standard warranty

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    Generally priced well

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    Limited capacity options

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Corsair has a habit of bringing out their versions of SSDs a bit later than the competition, as we saw with the MP600 GS, and the same is true with the MP600 Mini following behind Sabrent’s Rocket 2230. There’s nothing wrong with nailing the right hardware in a price-competitive alternative with a targeted capacity and a name brand behind it. The MP600 Mini is designed to hit that popular 1TB capacity point without any frills to get in your way — just an easy upgrade for your Steam Deck and other portable systems. 

The Corsair MP600 Mini is the most efficient M.2 2230 SSD that we have tested to date, and it also delivers excellent all-around performance. It’s not using any special hardware, but it's a solid choice to upgrade your Steam Deck or ROG Ally to 1TB of fast internal storage. It manages to do this at a good price for a TLC option, although the 1TB QLC S91 is currently more than $10 less expensive. If you need to save more money or want additional storage, you have to go elsewhere, though, as the MP600 Mini only comes in a 1TB option.

Corsair is a known name brand, so the MP600 Mini is a safer bet than many of the random M.2 2230 SSDs. It’s equivalent to Inland’s TN446 and Sabrent’s Rocket 2230. Having more options is a good thing as it helps bring down prices. These three drives are the best options at this capacity, so feel free to go with the brand you trust or grab the least expensive one. There’s little not to recommend about the MP600 Mini otherwise.


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Form FactorM.2 2230
Interface / ProtocolPCIe 4.0 x4 / NVMe 1.4
ControllerPhison E21T
MemoryMicron 176-Layer TLC (B47R)
Sequential Read4,800 MB/s
Sequential Write4,800 MB/s
Random Read850K
Random Write1.1M
Endurance (TBW)600TB
Part NumberCSSD-F1000GBMP600MN

The Corsair MP600 Mini is available only in 1TB, costing $99.99. This undercuts similar drives like the Inland TN446 and Sabrent Rocket 2230 by about $10, but pricing has been shifting over time on all three drives, so keep your eyes open. The MP600 Mini is rated for up to 4,800 / 4,800 MB/s for sequential reads and writes and 850K / 1.1M random read and write IOPS. The IOPS ratings are unusually high for this hardware and should not be taken as meaning the drive is actually faster than its peers. Corsair warranties the drive for 600TB of writes over five years. 

Software and Accessories

Corsair offers a download for its SSD Toolbox software on its site. This application displays drive information and SMART health attributes, plus it allows you to TRIM, clone, overprovision, or securely erase the drive.

A Closer Look

The MP600 Mini is an M.2 2230 form factor SSD with an SSD controller, a single NAND package, a PMIC, and no DRAM. The drive is single-sided for optimal compatibility. There are no embellishments.

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The MP600 Mini comes with the familiar Phison E21T SSD controller and Micron’s 176-Layer TLC (B47R). This flash uses 512Gb or 64GB dies, so it requires 16 dies (HDP), which is the effective limit. The E21T has proven to be a reliable performer with good power efficiency, making it a good choice over many other solutions on the market. 


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Shane Downing
Freelance Reviewer

Shane Downing is a Freelance Reviewer for Tom’s Hardware US, covering consumer storage hardware.

  • newtechldtech
    This is great for external NVME-USBC short external boxes ...
  • Sleepy_Hollowed
    This is a great option for smaller builds to be honest, I'd jump on the chance to get one.
  • newtechldtech
    Sleepy_Hollowed said:
    This is a great option for smaller builds to be honest, I'd jump on the chance to get one.

    ??? all motherboards support full size M2 SSD , and this will not help the pc getting any smaller .
  • SonoraTechnical
    Just need a RaspberryPi 5B that supports it on the underside.. ;)