Corsair Reveals Xpert Memory Line: Speed with Sizzle

Conclusion: Seductive For Case Modders

This review of Corsair’s new Xpert series was a rather quick one, because we did not do have time to do our usual suite of extensive benchmark runs. In practice, however, these benchmarks wouldn’t have had much impact on our opinion here anyway, since the performance difference between technically-equivalent memories is nearly zero.

The BIOS of our test motherboard, a DFI LANParty nF3 250 Gb, operated the Xpert DIMMs at ideal timing settings right from the start. We also tried an 865PE motherboard from AOpen, but could not get the configuration software working with this board for programming the display. This should not be cause for alarm, as Corsair explicitly emphasized that the test units are pre-release samples. As Corsair’s reputation is rather good, we expect the Xpert series to be fully functional at the time they hit the market.

The display feature is a nice gimmick for users that go for any type of case and system mods, and who attach great importance to extraordinary components. A PC with an acrylic case door showing off individually-programmed Xpert displays could make some waves at the next LAN party.