CPU Cooler Charts 2008, Part 2

Cooler Master Hyper TX2 - A Very Cool Bargain

Cooler Master Hyper TX2

Cooler Master is one of the well-established players in the CPU cooler market, and is introducing its follow-up model to the Hyper TX, appropriately named the Hyper TX2. Aside from the name, the two products don't really have much in common; the Hyper TX2 comes with three heatpipes that dissipate their heat through aluminum cooling fins. To cool the components on the motherboard as well, the TX2 sports a plastic hood that directs some of the airflow downwards, onto the board.

Hyper TX2 with a retention clip for AMD sockets

The slanted hood directs airflow at the motherboard components

The cooler is mounted using pushpins. While this is a good choice in principle, their placement is unfavorable. Luckily, the fan and its hood can simply be removed from the cooler, enabling a very quick and simple installation.

Thermal grease applied by the manufacturer

At high fan speeds, the Hyper TX2 offers good cooling performance, with the quad-core CPU reaching a maximum of 67°C. When fan speed is reduced, the CPU got up to 81°C, which is only just barely acceptable. The cooler is almost inaudible when installed in the case.

Cooler Master's Hyper TX2 can be found in stores for around €17. At this price, it is an incredible bargain and receives our recommendation.

Retail package of the Cooler Master Hyper TX 2

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Technical Data
CPU100% loadidle
Temperature 12V67.5 °C35.5 °C
Temperature 5V81 °C37.5 °C
Noise41.2 dB(A)37.5 dB(A)
Fan Speed1820 RPM1025 RPM
Weight488 gramsRow 5 - Cell 2
Intel Socket775Row 6 - Cell 2
AMD SocketAM2AM2+
Row 8 - Cell 0 939940

The Hyper TX2 on the testbed platform

  • Great article, but it mentions testing over 80 coolers - but I see only about 15 in the test charts. Where, for example, is the Tuniq Tower T120??