CPU Cooler Charts 2008, Part 2

Nexus PHT-7750 - Loud And Hot

The PHT-7750 by Nexus bears a strong resemblance to Intel's box coolers. Its cooling fins are arranged around the cooler's core; a fan blows on to the cooler from above, and the cooler is held in place by pushpins.

Nexus PHT-7750

The screws that hold the fan in place are ofest from the pushpins by 45°C, ensuring that installation is unproblematic. To uninstall the cooler, simply open the pushpins using a flat-headed screwdriver.

The contact surface of the Nexus cooler

Retail box

Although Nexus' retail box claims that this model is a "Real Silent CPU Cooler", we can't say that we would agree with this assessment: under full CPU load, the cooler screams at 47.3 db(A). Fortunately, the situation is much better when the CPU is idle, when the cooler is pleasantly quiet.

Where cooling performance is concerned, the PHT-7750 failed to impress us. Under full load, it was merely capable of keeping the CPU at 85°C - considering the high noise level, this is more than disappointing. At €30, the cooler is thus much too expensive and does not earn our recommendation.

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Technical Data
CPU100% loadidle
Temperature PWM85.5 °C45 °C
Noise47.3 dB(A)38.1 dB(A)
Fan Speed2900 RPM1680 RPM
Weight686 gramsRow 4 - Cell 2
Intel Socket775Row 5 - Cell 2

Nexus' cooler installed on the test platform

  • Great article, but it mentions testing over 80 coolers - but I see only about 15 in the test charts. Where, for example, is the Tuniq Tower T120??