Part 2: How Many CPU Cores Do You Need?

Synthetic Benchmarks: 3DMark And PCMark Vantage

We start out with synthetic benchmarks, led by 3DMark. We're seeing a fairly linear progression here as the number of CPU cores decreases, with a slightly larger loss between dual- and single-core operations. Compared to our Core 2 Quad results, the decrease in performance is much less dramatic, but it is about as linear.

Here, we see a similar result compared to the 3DMark benchmark, but with larger margins as the number of CPU cores are decreased. On a side note, the Core 2 Quad we benchmarked in the previous article showed no tangible difference between three and four CPU cores, but a quick drop-off in performance when two or fewer CPU cores were active. In retrospect, this was likely attributable to the Core 2 Quad Q6600's split cache.

Both the PCMark memories and productivity benchmarks demonstrate the same story. Let's move on to SiSoftware Sandra.