DDR333 For Athlon: VIA KT333 vs. KT266A

AGP 8x: Currently No Graphics Cards Available

Specifications for the AGP-3 standard.

In the next few weeks, VIA will be quietly replacing the Northbridge KT333 with the KT333A. This chip is compatible with the pin of the previous model and supports the new AGP 3.0 graphics standard. Compared to the AGP 2.0, there's one significant new feature: using an identical mechanical structure of the AGP slot, AGP 8x graphics cards are supported, and the 66 MHz clock speed remains the same. The only change is that a modified transfer protocol will allow more data to be transferred at this clock speed. However, there are currently no graphics cards available on the market that support AGP 8x.

Basic specifications for motherboards with AGP support.

Specifications for graphics cards with AGP support.