DDR333 For Athlon: VIA KT333 vs. KT266A

USB Ad Infinitum: 6 Ports Are Standard

External USB 2.0 controller from NEC.

The VIA KT333 chipset has 3 USB channels, and the test candidates from Asus, MSI and Gigabyte are equipped with an external USB controller (NEC and VIA) according to USB 2.0 standards. Compared to the older USB 1.5 standard, USB 2.0 has the following advantages: the data transfer rate is increased from 1.5 MB/s to 60 MB/s maximum. This makes it possible to use external CD burners, hard drives or DVD drives, and suitable peripherals are already available on the market.

Asus A7V333 contains a total of 6 USB ports.

Asus A7V333 includes an additional USB cable as well as a FireWire cable (IEEE1394).

Asus builds upon its own dhips.

A 6-channel audio chip on the Asus A7V333.