DDR333 For Athlon: VIA KT333 vs. KT266A

DDR333 Memory Modules Compared

Various memory modules compared, including four with DDR333.

After the DDR266 memory module with CAS latency CL2.0 has been made available on the market, new memory is being introduced to go along with the KT333 chipset. This is indicated with the label "DDR333", and it runs at 166 MHz clock speed. However, the first modules are only available with a CAS latency of CL2.5, and it will take some time before fast memory with CL2.0 is available. Our benchmark results prove that the new DDR333 with CL2.5 can barely keep apace with DDR266 with CL2.0 and thus brings no advantages in terms of speed. In a few benchmark disciplines (video encoding), even the dual-channel DDR266 from Nvidia is faster than DDR33 with CL2.5 when used with the VIA KT333.

DDR333 memory with CL2.5 from Micron.

DDR333 memory with CL2.5 from Kingmax.

DDR333 memory with CL2.5 from Nanya.

DDR333 memory with CL2.5 from Kingston.

DDR333 with CL2.0 from Corsair holds the record for speed.

DDR333 memory with CL2.5 from Samsung.