DDR400 for Athlon: A Comparison of 9 Motherboards

Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra (K7VX4)

Board revision: 1

BIOS version: 2AA1 (August 30, 2002)

This board from Soyo differs considerably from the other motherboards - simply because of its main color, grey. Similar to the Biostar, various components sport different colors - the five PCI slots are violet, the RAID controller ports (Highpoint HPT372) are yellow, the connectors for USB ports 3 and 4 as well as 5 and 6 are green.

The slot panel with the audio hook-ups on the Soyo board offers a much greater variety than those of other manufacturers. Apart from two line jacks, you'll find separate optical and coaxial digital I/O on the port module.

This adapter module really comes in handy if you decide, on the spur of the moment, to hook up a Serial ATA drive to the KT400 Dragon Ultra. The module is plugged into any port of the RAID controller, and, voilà, you have two usable Serial ATA ports. You can't buy this nifty little device separately yet.