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Extreme Air Cooling: Our Five-Slot (Quiet) Radeon HD 7970

The Heat Sink And Fans, Detailed

This Hardware Isn't For The Faint Of Heart

As mentioned, this cooler sells as the EKL Peter in Germany and the Deepcool Dracula elsewhere; the two are identical except for their names. We’re using the EKL Peter 79XX Edition for this article.

The Peter is an imposing piece of hardware, monopolizing three slots for the heat sink and two slots for the fans. If that sounds like a ridiculous amount of space for a cooler, that’s because it is a ridiculous amount of space. The EKL Peter will have to prove that its performance is capable of living up to what its size seems to suggest.

On paper, at least, the Peter's specifications are impressive.

Technical Specifications: EKL Peter 79XX Edition
Cooler Size:253.8 mm Length44 mm Depth (Measured from the Top of the Copper Plate)100 mm Height
Total Size:270 mm Length (From Back Plate)50 mm Depth120 mm Height (From Top of Card)
Materials:Base: CopperHeat Pipes: Nickel-Plated Copper, 12 x 6 mmFins: Aluminium
Weight:Approx. 590 g
Fans (Optional):4x 140 / 120 / 92 / 80 mm
CompatibilityAMD Radeon (Reference Design) X1600 HD 2600 HD 3450 / 3650 / 3690 / 3850 / 3870 HD 4650 / 4670 / 4750 / 4830 / 4850 / 4860 / 4870 HD 5670 / 5750 / 5770 / 5830 / 5850 / 5870 HD 6950 / 6970 HD 7950 / 7970Nvidia GeForce (Reference Design) 6600 Series (Except AGP) 7300 / 7400 / 7600 / 7800 GT/GTX / 7900 GS/GT/GTX 8400 / 8500 / 8600 / 8800 GT/GTS(G92)/GTX/Ultra 9600 GT / 9800 GT/GTX/GTX+ GT 210 / 220 / 240 GTS 250 GTX 200 Series GTX 460 / 470 / 480 GTX 560 / 570 / 580
Price Without Fan:Approx. $80


The EKL Peter 79XX Edition can accommodate up to four fans. We're only using two because that's already more than enough for our Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition. A pair of Noiseblocker BlackSilentPro PL2 coolers spinning at 1400 RPM handle the job for us, yielding 96 m³/h of volume.

One big advantage these fans enjoy is that they run well at 5 and 7 V. Two of them are barely audible at 5 V. You could conceivably operate them at 12 V, but then they generate acoustics similar to one of AMD's add-in board partners leveraging an aftermarket cooling setup. Although we'd get much better cooling performance from our heat sink and fan combination, we'd really like to cut noise.

Technical Specifications: Noiseblocker BlackSilentPro Fan PL2
Size:120 x 120 x 25 mm
Weight:120 g
Noise Level:20 dB(A)
RPM:1400 RPM
Airflow:96 m³/h
Air Pressure:1269 mm-H2O
Start-Up Voltage:4.5 V
In-Use Voltage:4-13.8 V
Power:1.92 W / 0.16 A
Connector:Three-Pin (20 + 50 cm Cable)
Miscellaneous:MTBF: 160 000 HoursWarranty: Six Years
Price:Approx. $20

You can also buy a 900 RPM version of this fan if you want to get even more aggressive about noise, and don't care about overclocking as much. We chose this particular model for its versatility, since it allows us to go for performance or quiet operation without breaking the bank.

  • Maximus_Delta
    Love it !! Fantastic bit of kit.
  • mayankleoboy1
    this cooler is the Double FF equivalent of geek pr0n.
  • Hazle
    that is so sexy... too bad it's not compatible with a 6870, pointless as it seems (to me, at least) , but goddamn, them temps and noise make it hard not to consider the idea....
  • jossrik
    Seems to me if you're willing to go 140$ or whatnot to cool your Gfx card, you might be interested in water cooling. 80$ for a Noctua and 100+ for this put you into cheap water cooling territory, and while you could easily spend double or more water cooling, that seems the route to take. Just my two cents.
  • ShadyHamster
    how about comparing this with other aftermarket coolers? such as arctic coolings accelero extreme
  • esrever
    Even tho this is a little extreme, it is still extremely badass.
  • bak0n
    I wonder how it'll fix on my ITX motherboard? /joke off
  • amuffin
    I'd rather have invested the money spent on this into watercooling!
    what a waste...unless a manufacturer comes up with a motherboard and case specifically made for this so you don't waste expansion slots.
  • memadmax