Diamond Monster 3D II - More Than a Worthy Successor


We all expected a winner when 3Dfx announced the Voodoo2. The Diamond Monster 3D II shows that we weren't disappointed. I have hardly ever tested any computer hardware product that impressed me as much as this 3D graphics board. I can even go as far as saying that everyone who wants to play 3D games and doesn't get a Voodoo2 board has to be considered as seriously mislead. The Monster 3D II shows that

  • it's sets a new standard in 3D performance as well as quality
  • it can be used with weak as well as powerful CPUs, it will always offer the best 3D performance
  • it gives you mind blowing high 3D performance in systems with at least a K6 233
  • it will currently be hard to find any 3D game that will use the vast performance offered by Voodoo2
  • for the time being two boards running SLI will mainly be interesting for a resolution of 1024x768, which is only possible via SLI. The performance that SLI offers for lower resolutions is currently way over what 3D games require.
  • boards with less than 4 MB frame buffer memory are obsolete in my eyes, because the performance at 800x600 is so high, that is would be a waste if you couldn't use it
  • If I ever felt well recommending a product that is just about to be released, then it is now with Diamond's Monster 3D II. I wonder which reason could be serious enough for not getting this card, but getting a second rate 3D board instead. Who was able to pay 200 bucks for a Voodoo board shouldn't have problems to pay 250 or a few more bucks for this one. I'd rather buy a 2D card that offers me a first class 2D acceleration and a crisp and sharp picture, get a Voodoo2 board as well and feel happy for the next 12 months than buying a 2D/3D solution with questionable 2D abilities and only average 3D performance, that I want to get rid off within the next few months because I start crying looking at other people's Voodoo2 performance.

I guess you get the picture.