Diamond Monster 3D II - More Than a Worthy Successor

GLQuake Performance

A lot has been written about 110+ fps of Voodoo2 with GLQuake, but I will not do you the favor and test with the pretty useless 'demo1' benchmark, just to reach astronomical frame rates. Results with 'bigass1' are much more accurate.

I guess these results are impressive enough. Even the Obsidian looks pretty old against the new Monster 3D II. 74.4 fps in bigass1 are simply mind blowing and the 55 fps under 800x600 should even enlight people with the slowest brains. The Monster 3D II is not only perfect for Pentium II owners, 6x86MX users will get the highest frame rates even at 800x600 as well.

Quake II Performance

Quake II seems to love the Monster 3D II even more. Even at 800x600 it's still faster than anything else. Any more questions?