Digital Multi-Talent: Sony DCR-PC100E

Feature Giant In The Semi-Professional Class

Compared to the rest of the DV competition (Canon, JVC, Panasonic, and others) the Sony DCR-PC100E is equipped with everything, although it is in a class of its own when you consider what is on offer for the price. For almost US$1,700.00 the user gets a very compact DV camera that comes with a high-resolution CCD sensor for still pictures, and therefore offers the functionality of a digicam. The competition is unable to provide this feature at any price. Another exclusive feature is the integrated lens system from Zeiss, well known for its excellent luminous intensity. If you are using DV camera only occasionally, the Sony DCR-PC100E is probably not the one for you. The competition offers much more affordable models for around US$1000.00 in the area of digital still picture cameras.

We wanted to know whether the built-in Megapixel chip makes it unnecessary to purchase an additional digicam for photos.

The most important function keys are at the front side of the Sony DCR-PC100E.

Capturing romantic scene via viewer screen: With the extended display the power consumption increases about 30 percent.

The integrated lens system from Carl Zeiss is an outstanding feature of the Sony. The Vario lens offers high luminous intensity.