Digital Multi-Talent: Sony DCR-PC100E

PC Connection Via IEEE1394

The PC connection worked flawlessly during our test. But an appropriate Firewire card should be installed in the PC system for data communication. We used the Asus PCI-1394C for exchanging data, which comes with an affordable price tag of about US$80.00. The ease of handling for the video sequences on the PC depends only on the actual video-editing program and the installed plug-ins. Video editing software (like for example Adobe Premiere or Ulead Video Studio) allows you to copy any random sequence to the hard disk without any losses. The stored videos may also be converted to a specific format like for example MPEG-2 or AVI for output on CD-R or DVD-R. As usual, Firewire allows you to control all camera functions on the monitor screen via mouse-click.

The keys for the additional functions are behind the moveable display. This picture also clearly shows the bay for the Memory Stick at the front.

All functions and settings can be adjusted in special menus that are displayed on the moveable LCD monitor.