Digital Multi-Talent: Sony DCR-PC100E


Besides the camera itself, the shipment consists of numerous cables and a card reader for the Memory Stick module. This module stores the photos (when the digicam function is activated). The included guide is written for video beginners and describes all functions of the camera in great detail. However, color pictures would have made some explanations even easier to understand.

The Li-Ion battery is clipped in on the left side. Left of that is the S-video connector and on the right the AC input.

Communication Almost Without Limits

When connecting to different video devices or the PC, the Sony has almost no limits. All interfaces are installed in the camera, so the Sony DCR-PC100E does not need a pesky docking station. Television sets or analog video recorders can be connected via the built-in video input, while the digital Firewire interface (I-Link, IEEE1394) connects the camera to the PC. But the latter requires an appropriate IEEE1394 card (also see this article ). An additional audio/video jack completes the interface collection. All connectors and interfaces are behind detachable flaps, protecting them relatively well from dirt or dust.

The most important connectors are at the front side underneath a covering: DV interface (Firewire IEEE1394), audio/video input as well as a jack for headphones.