Double-Layer DVD: Lite-On, LG and BenQ

BenQ DW-1600A

BenQ, a company based in Taiwan, offers a wide range of products, including displays, imaging, telephony and, of course, storage. BenQ is now topping its complete range of DVD burners with its DW-1600A model. BenQ was one of the first to burn DVD+Rs at 16x; the DW-1600A offers double-layer burning (DVD+R DL) and DVD+RW at 4x. It therefore does not support multiple formats. On the other hand, BenQ has announced that in August, new firmware will also enable it to burn DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs. The speeds will be 8x and 4x respectively.

The DW-1600A's architecture is based on the latest generation of Philips Nexperia components. They include the PNX7860E with the TZA1047HL close behind it. These components will certainly be used in the next model of Philips' own double-layer burner.

Philips Nexperia PNX7860E + Philips TZA1047HL

To improve the quality of engraving, the BenQ is fitted with a WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Calibration) system. Thanks to WOPC, the DW-1600A can optimize the recording quality throughout the burning process by adjusting the power of the laser beam. Finally, and to avoid all the problems of an empty memory buffer, the DW-1600A is equipped with Seamless Link technology.

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