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DVD Burner Test: Seven Times The Capacity


Read speed, CD32x
Read speed, DVD12x
Write speed, CD-R16x
Write speed, CD-RW8x
Write speed, DVD-R4x
Write speed, DVD-RW2x
Avg. access time, CD130 ms
Avg access time, DVD140 ms
Memory cache2 MB
Firmware version1.10

TEAC, a major player in the burner world, has introduced its first DVD burner. It has opted for compliance with DVD Forum's specifications, and uses the DVD-R/RW format. Its characteristics are exactly the same as those of the Pioneer burner. Burn speed in DVD-R mode is 4x, 2x in DVD-RW mode.

Software Package

The TEAC comes with just two programs: Nero Burning ROM 5.5 for burning, and Studio 8 for video editing. Studio 8 is the excellent Pinnacle program that you can also use to author your DVDs.