The Brazos Round-Up: Eight AMD E-350-Based Motherboards

Foxconn AHD1S-K

Compared to ECS’ name, Foxconn’s AHD1S-K is simply cryptic. The motherboard itself, however, is a straightforward value-oriented part.

With no USB 3.0 or mini PCIe slot, no eSATA and only two SATA 3Gb/s ports, the AHD1S-K takes simplicity to extremes. This design gives us added hope for its efficiency tests, though we do question the rationale for pairing a 4-pin CPU power connector with a low-energy CPU on this non-overclocking product.

Foxconn is one of the few brands to choose purely passive cooling for AMD’s E350. We can only hope the E350’s heat output is low enough to assure the adequacy of this simplified design.

It appears that this might be a pre-retail version of the AHD1S-K, since the package lacks an I/O panel shield. Retail buyers should find one in their box, however, along with two SATA cables and a driver CD.

AHD1S-K Tuning

Unlike some of its competitors, Foxconn doesn’t cheat in benchmarks by using a nonstandard default reference clock. CPU-Z shows the AHD1S-K spot-on at 100 MHz, resulting in a 1600 MHz APU frequency.

Unfortunately, the AHD1S-K does not support DDR3-1333, either by automatic detection or manual configuration. The board is certain to take a performance hit in some of our tests, with a DDR3-1066 data rate represented as a 533 MHz memory clock in GPU-Z.

In fact, the only overclocking-oriented adjustment has nothing to do with frequency. Memory voltage can be increased up to 90 mV over default, which should help add stability to some so-called performance RAM.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.