Complete Coverage! E3 2006

E3 2006 News Archive, Continued

Atari bailing water at a frantic rate, slashes all game prices to $20
trouble again, the company announced that they're it is slashing all their game prices, on all formats, to $20 in North America.

Warner announces HD DVD Dirty Harry to coincide with videogame
Warner Home Video has announced that they will be releasing a "definitive" new collection of the Dirty Harry movies, produced and released in HD DVD format, to coincide with the release of the Dirty Harry videogame next year.

TG Daily Video: eFocus Part 2
Plantronics, Seagate, Toshiba, Ubicom and Viewsonic show off their wares in part 2 of our eFocus video series.

Intel claims 40% performance gain with new Core 2 Extreme processor
Intel uses E3 to show off its next generation gaming processor, Core 2 Extreme, and highlight its performance capability: In an interview with TG Daily, Intel claims that the CPU will be 40% faster than its predecessor and that new enthusiast PCs will outrun Sony's PS3 in graphics performance. And this advantage may even increase with the introduction of quad-core processors.

First Impressions: Gundam: Mobile Suit for PS3
On the south side of Sony's PS3 display, catching reporters just as they streamed in the main gate of West Hall, was Bandai Namco's Gundam: Mobile Suit, which sources say may be renamed Mobile Ops: The One Year War. Set in what many call the "Gundam Universe" (whose other titles actually include a trivia quiz), Mobile Suit offers gamers an arena for low-cover guerilla combat in a scenario tailor-made for network gaming, although perhaps matches will last shorter than one year.

First Impressions: Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man for PS3
The year is 1952, which for a great many people at E3 2006 this morning was a century ago. A global war would have just recently ended had it not been for the interplanetary war that has already begun.

Sandisk increases capacity of Memory Stick Pro Duo to 4 GB
Sandisk announced a new Memory Stick Pro Duo storage card specifically aimed at owners of Playstation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming systems.

Microsoft: Xbox Live "way ahead of Sony"
Todd Holmdahl, corporate vice president at Microsoft's Xbox and Gaming Platform Group, is one of the more influential figures within software giant's growing gaming business. . Inside Microsoft's mammoth booth at E3's exhibit floor, Holmdahl spoke with TwitchGuru about the next generation console and its competition.

EA launches Madden NFL 07 on mobile phones
EA has announced that they will be launching a mobile version of Madden NFL 07 on mobile phones on the same day as the console version, on 22 August.

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