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Microsoft banks on Xbox 360 installed base, cross-platform gaming
Microsoft confirms the latest new entries in its favorite franchises, including Halo 3 and D.O.A., in a bid to establish itself as the next-gen console that's already established. But Nintendo had, by most accounts, a surprisingly successful gala earlier this morning, leaving many to wonder whether there's enough middle ground for Microsoft to make up.

Super Mario Galaxy coming to a Wii near you
No Nintendo gaming platform would be the same without a Super Mario game, and the Wii is no exception.

Nintendo has big little plans for the DS
With all the attention currently being lavished on the Wii and its motion sensitive controller it might be easy to overlook the handheld market.

Lights, camera, Orc: World of Warcraft movie in development
Millions of World of Warcraft fans will finally get their own movie. Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures have announced an upcoming live-action movie based on WoW.

PS3 controller looks a little wimpy against Nintendo's Wii
While the 4D controller Sony rolled out late yesterday afternoon looked like it might generate a bit of interest, the fact that only one game - Incognito's Warhawk - was even partway prepared to make use of it, could score Nintendo at least a takedown this morning.

Nintendo is coming for Sony and Microsoft gamers with a vengeance
One of the clear unspoken messages to emerge from the Nintendo press conference earlier today was that they are no longer to be considered the "Third way" in console gaming. The Wii has a family feel to it, but the game lineup speaks differently: This will be a console for hardcore, gun toting, mania loving gamers as well as Mario fans.

Nintendo shows off more controller action with Red Steel from Ubisoft
One of the several games which Nintendo showed off at its press conference earlier was Red Steel from Ubisoft, a first person game which contains both shooting and sword fighting. Yes, yes that is just showing off the controller, but as long as it's fun we won't complain.

Nintendo showcases Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
At a rather upbeat and entertaining press conference at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Nintendo showcased their upcoming Wii console with a play through of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Nintendo Wii hitting store shelves in Q4
Nintendo today announced at its keynote at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that it will be launching its next-generation gaming consoled "Wii" in the fourth quarter of this year.

Alienware announces SLI notebooks
Alienware will be offering two portable computers that integrate two Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 graphics processors in SLI configuration.

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