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Opinion: E3 2006 in a nutshell
E3 is generally a themed event, with one or two issues dominating the whole proceedings and all other facets orbiting around this. This year as well as last it was the consoles which ruled. Two years ago it was blockbuster titles like Half-Life 2 and Doom III which held centre stage.

Crysis makes a breathtaking first impression
The gaming press is a jaded lot, and E3 can be a treacherous place if you're a developer without a standout product. So it was with much skepticism that I approached Crytek's demo of Crysis. I heard it was amazing, but it's a shooter, and I've been hearing "amazing" for 10 hours now. The reality of it is that as soon as the game loaded I was blown away.

Preview: Indiana Jones and The Next Crusade
LucasArts has announced at E3 that their first internally developed title for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 will be Indiana Jones 2007 (set in 1939, we're assured it's a working title.)

MotoGP coming to Playstation Portable
Sony has announced that Namco will be bringing the MotoGP series to the Playstation Portable in an iteration designed from the ground up for the handheld console.

Next Call of Duty not for the PC
Despite not actually featuring it on the show floor, the World War II FPS franchise Call of Duty has been creating some waves at E3, with the news that the next iteration in the series will not be appearing on the PC; and the quiet news that it will be getting a Playstation Portable release.

Lego Star Wars II: The Good Trilogy
One of the games being previewed at E3 for what I suppose we can now call the "Alzheimer's Generation" of consoles is Lego Star Wars II.

TG Daily Video: Game technology trains soldiers on missiles, remote gun
While most of the games at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) are being played for fun, the U.S. Army has adapted game technology to train soldiers. The technology of the video game "America's Army" has been integrated into the Javelin missile training system and the Common Remotely Operated Weapons System (CROWS), which is a remote-controlled gun used on newer Humvees. You can see the Javelin Missile trainer and the CROWS trainer in action in our video.

First Impressions: Battlefield: 2142 from EA for Windows PCs
In the 22nd century, as depicted in Electronic Arts' Battlefield: 2142 (or 2142 Battlefield, depending upon how you read the title), there's no desolation or vast wasteland, but instead a very simplified office complex which serves as a missile silo. The battle, which can take place between as many as 32 contestants, 16 per side, is more of a skirmish between heavily suited super commandos, with no more strategic depth than a raid on a campus dorm.

Preview: Heavenly Sword for PS3
Heavenly Sword is a fast-paced action beat down that takes place in a feudal-Asian setting and features some extraordinary graphics, even for the PS3.

The 10 most over-used words and phrases from E3 2006
Drumroll, please. As E3 2006 wraps up today after a long and eventful week, the editors of TG Daily, TwitchGuru and Toms Hardware decided it was time to to list the most overused words and phrases from the show this year.

NCsoft previews third Guild Wars installment
Hot on the heels of Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions, NCsoft announced at E3 this week that not one but two new Guild Wars campaigns were in the works. NCsoft and game developer ArenaNet offered a sneak preview of the third installment during the conference.

NCsoft unveils PlayNC, offers free MMOs
Korean online gaming company NCsoft is increasing its play in the MMO space with PlayNC, the company's new plan to offer free games. During E3 this week NCsoft provided a preview of four of the MMOs under PlayNC.

First look: F.E.A.R, Saint's Row and Crackdown for Xbox 360
With the benefit of launching its next generation console last year, Microsoft is using E3 to promote the latest crop of games for Xbox 360. The software giant paraded out a number of titles this week at E3, some better than others, that looked to take full of Xbox 360's hardware. Here's a look at a few notable titles.

E3 2006 First Impressions: Company of Heroes by Relic for Windows PCs
The world was saved - literally, truly - through a blizzard of ground skirmishes, often a few dozen men battling a few dozen men, that followed the greatest single gamble in the history of humanity.

Sony ditches rumble pack in favor of motion sensor in PS3 controller
Sony gave conference goers at E3 this week a first look at its new PlayStation 3, including the consoles new controller. While the PS3 controller has been accused of being a Nintendo Revolution/Wii knockoff because of its similar motion sensor capabilities, we felt in a first hands-on demo that the controller does provide fairly impressive game play capabilities.

Preview: Superman game character will not return in time for the movie
Frequently, when there is a much-anticipated blockbuster movie in the works, a videogame adaptation is not far behind, and the upcoming summer blockbuster remake of Superman is no exception.

Nintendo steals Sony's, Microsoft's thunder at E3
On the second day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), it becomes clear that Nintendo's upcoming Wii console grabs the attention of show attendees at a much faster pace that the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

Attendance noticeably lower over Wednesday
The first day of a major trade conference is always the one with the largest attendance. But Thursday morning's session of the E3 Expo is showing surprisingly lower attendance than the previous day, with tournament gaming venues leaving a lot of open couch positions.

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