Complete Coverage! E3 2006

E3 2006 News Archive, Continued 2

Pioneer introduces 5.1 surround sound system for Xbox 360
Pioneer Electronics has unveiled a 5.1 surround sound system with all the trimmings, officially licensed for the Xbox 360.

THQ acquires Stuntman franchise from Atari
The Stuntman driving franchise, including the upcoming next iteration of the series, has been bought by THQ for an undisclosed sum.

Ubisoft announces new FPS: Haze
Ubisoft has revealed details of a new first-person shooter franchise from the developers of TimeSplitters, entitled Haze.

Nintendo blows a big chance as Sony proves PS3 games do exist
The buzz going into this morning - the first official day of exhibits at the E3 Expo - was that Nintendo pulled off a victory, with an impressive demonstration of a truly innovative controller that ended up making Sony's 4D version look like an afterthought. But a great deal of that goodwill that the Wii might have built up - even if it was an example of cheering for the underdog - may have been blown early on.

Slideshow: Alienware's new SLI notebooks
Click through a slideshow of Alienware's Aurora mALX and m9700 notebooks.

Rockstar announces Vice City Stories for PSP
Rockstar has announced the follow up to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on the PlayStation Portable, with this iteration of mobile carnage taking place in the ever popular Vice City, which was itself the popular sequel to GTA III on the PlayStation 2.

Roundup: The three different strategies of the console makers
Preceding the official Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) tradeshow, the big three console makers used their keynote strategies to create appetite for their next-generation consoles by trying to differentiate themselves from each other and painting a near-term business strategy onto the wall.

TG Daily Video: eFocus Part 1
At every E3, Pepcom organizes an off-site preview of the actual tradeshow and conference. Called "eFocus," the show isn't affiliated with the convention, but some of the same companies attending E3 also show up at eFocus. At this press-only event, a few dozen companies compete for attention and you'll see in our videos what we found to be most interesting.

Logitech intros gaming steering wheel with shifter paddles, other gaming gear
Logitech has announced some new gaming peripherals at E3, including the G25 high-end racing wheel, the more affordable looking DriveFX for the Xbox 360; and added a new high-end mouse and keyboard to their portfolio.

E3 Keynote impressions: Nintendo outshines Sony with Wii presentation
It wasn't the Academy Awards but Nintendo was hardly short on star power and excitement at its media briefing for E3 2006. Inside a crowded, glitzy Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Nintendo once again displayed the magic touch that had made the company's products so successful and endearing over the years.

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