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Sega announces next Sonic game, exclusively for Wii
Sega has announced details of the next Sonic game, Wild Fire, which will be released exclusively for Nintendo's Wii console in 2007.

Analysis: Sony's high-stakes, high-definition gamble on PlayStation 3
Sony's PlayStation 3 has come out swinging, literally, with the first testers swinging the company's new 4D controller console from side to side. There's no doubt it's the high-resolution system we have all been expecting. Whether that translates into a high-quality system remains to be proven, as Sony has big hurdles to overcome.

Playstation 3 to launch on 17 November for $500
In an otherwise rather underwhelming presentation of its next-generation game console and upcoming software titles, Sony unveiled during the E3 opening keynote the launch date and price of the Playstation 3: The console will be available just in time for the holiday season and be available in two versions for $500 and $600 - and will include a motion-sensitive controller.

Sony plays up PS2, PSP at press conference
While Sony's E3 2006 press conference left a lot to be desired - limited game play previews for PlayStation 3 games and no working demo of the Sony Network Platform - Kaz Hirai, president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, took the opportunity to remind the media of the enormous success of the company's PlayStation 2 console.

Sony showcases Gran Turismo HD for PlayStation 3 - plays old prepared demo trick
The PlayStation 3 was at centre stage during the Sony press conference today, and the first game showcased was Gran Turismo HD, an updated version of GT4 which ostensibly takes advantage of the PlayStation 3 hardware.

Microsoft to unveil HD DVD drive for Xbox 360
Microsoft confirmed that it will be announcing an external HD DVD drive for its Xbox 360 gaming console at the E3 tradeshow. Compared to Sony's Blu-ray, HD DVD will offer the same functionality, but will be available for substantially less money, Microsoft promised.

Analysis software promises blockbuster game concepts every time
A UK-based company has developed a piece of analytic software which, they claim, can predict whether a game will be a blockbuster success or a total flop.

Vivendi Games confirms E3 lineup with WoW expansion, F.E.A.R. 360, Eragon
Fresh from its parent company's separation from Universal, Vivendi Games is taking advantage of its newly independent status to add one more title to this year's big E3 push, making it an official "triple threat."

Hello Los Angeles! Pictures from the frontline, plus a timetable of the week ahead
E3 2006 is upon us, and although the show floor won't open to even the press until Wednesday morning the fun is essentially in full swing from the get go with backdoor meetings and glitzy press conferences filling out our schedules.

Sega announces Virtua Fighter 5 exclusively for Playstation 3
The Playstation 3 news will go into overload this afternoon when Sony puts out their stall at their pre-E3 conference. Leading the field is former console rival Sega with Virtua Fighter 5, which will be released on the Playstation 3 exclusively in 2007.

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