Elitists On The Test Bench: Ultra320 Hard Drives With 15,000 RPM

Fujitsu MAS3735NP

Fujitsu appears to be continuing the successes of the 10,000 rpm tests. Performance values for the MAS drive are outstanding. It notches up 77 MB/s for maximum read speed and a healthy 60 MB/s minimum. Its write performance is only slightly below this.

Fujitsu's model performance continues in Business Disk Winbench: In the Highend Disk Winbench section it is only beaten by Maxtor's Atlas 15K. Once again, Fujitsu is a heartbeat faster than the competition in the access-time test and is the only model under 6 ms.

Its dominance is only broken in the IOMeter tests when large query depths are required. In this discipline, the other three drives fare better.