Elitists On The Test Bench: Ultra320 Hard Drives With 15,000 RPM

Maxtor Atlas 15K 73 GB

The Atlas 15K is Maxtor's flagship for high performance in professional environments. The advertising claims it has the world's shortest seek times. We were able to back this up in part in the test: Its effective average access time of 6 ms is indeed very low.

Data rates, at just under 76 MB/s, lived up to our expectations. In fact, in this area, Maxtor and Hitachi are running neck-and-neck.

This drive is equally suited to high-performance workstations and talked plain language in the application benchmarks. It ranked second in the business benchmark and took first place in Highend Winbench, slightly ahead of Fujitsu and Seagate.

In the fileserver benchmark in IOMeter, the Maxtor disk again scored high transaction rates at medium and high query depths, only being bested by Seagate at query depths above 64. This result was again confirmed in the webserver benchmark.