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ELSA Erazor X 2 GeForce review

Benchmark Results - Descent 3 DirectX

Here we have a classic example of the CPU being the bottleneck and give people confusing results. Keep in mind that the benchmarks have a small margin of error that become very apparent when you have a low-resolution benchmark and video boards running nearly identical drivers. One of the 'slower' boards may appear to be slightly ahead of the 'faster' boards but it's all due to the margin of error coming into play as the CPU generates scores that vary 1-2%.

Now that we've put more work back onto the graphics cards, things fall into their proper order. The Erazor boards are all relatively still close in performance.

All the Erazor boards are performing very well but the X² isn't really giving a huge advantage probably because we're still in 16-bit color and memory bandwidth isn't an issue.