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ELSA Erazor X 2 GeForce review

Benchmark Results - Quake Arena High Quality Setting

Now that we've switched to high quality settings things are a bit different at low resolution. You can see that the faster cards are already showing their value as they pull slightly ahead. You'll notice that the Viper II nearly catches the Erazor X while in this setting.

If you're going to play Quake Arena at a relatively high quality setting, you'd better take a look at this and see why you'll want an Erazor X² over an Erazor X. The SDR GeForce falls off heavily as even the Rage Fury MAXX and Viper II pass it up by a small margin.

Our last test is by far our toughest as all the graphics board in our test fall miserably short of the 30 FPS barrier that we mark as a minimal acceptable framerate. You will notice, however, that even the competing cards nearly match the performance of our base clocked Erazor X².

As far as hardware performance goes, the Erazor X² has shown us what we had expected as it easily dominated our test suite against the competing chipsets available at the moment. Aside from other DDR based GeForce boards, the Erazor X² is second to none.