EVGA CLC 240 Closed Loop CPU Cooler Review

Early Verdict

A very capable, attractive closed loop liquid cooler with RGB color capability for the pump, but without RGB capable fans or the ability to support them. Taking full advantage of the cooler's value requires using the EVGA Flow Control software for performance, lighting features, and fan curve control for customization.


  • +

    Very good cooling performance at max fan speed

  • +

    Software allows customization of pump & fan curves as well as RGB lighting

  • +

    5 year warranty


  • -

    Fan noise

  • -

    Factory applied, chalky thermal compound

  • -

    Configuring cooler to ‘pull’ looks awkward due to one-sided fan design

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Features & Specifications

When it comes to closed-loop liquid cooling, enthusiasts and system builders have an ample selection. The appeal stems from sleek lines, simple installation, no-touch maintenance, and a decent warranty, beseeching anyone wishing to liquid cool without venturing into the depths of custom water cooling. We continue to help you sort through this plethora of choices by putting EVGA's offering on the test bench.

EVGA has primarily been known for premier performance PC hardware—graphics cards, motherboards, and power supplies; but also more recently closed-loop liquid cooling for both GPUs and CPUs. 

The EVGA 240 Closed Loop CPU Cooler employs dual, 2400 RPM (max) 120mm sleek fans with a concave face and gently rounded edges pre-mounted in ‘push’ configuration to the 2x120mm (240) aluminum radiator. The radiator is satin black and provides moderate fin folds per inch (FPI) for optimal heat transfer between the lateral tubes and the surrounding ambient air.

Fans can be driven via PWM motherboard headers, fan controller, or linked directly to the EVGA pump fan tail to be controlled via the pump unit itself.


The pump unit is an attractive, glossy centerpiece with RGB lighting and the EVGA logo as the highlight of the customization. Pump control and lighting configurations can be adjusted via the included USB-to-motherboard header cable using the available EVGA CLC control software, however it is only referenced via printed link within the installation manual.

With the EVGA Flow Control software, you have the ability to control both fan and pump curves based on CPU thermal load, and you can set RGB lighting profiles for the EVGA pump logo, but the pump unit lacks an RGB header to extend control any further. The Flow Control software also provides useful information like pump and fan RPM, as well as coolant and CPU temperatures in real-time, functioning as several monitoring solutions at once. For those familiar with the EVGA Precision software for graphics cards, the layout and UI of the EVGA Flow Control is nearly identical, and likewise, can be set to load at startup.

The surface mount of the pump is a circular, copper base with very fine concentric milling and secured with recessed screws. The mounting system includes appropriate brackets for Intel or AMD CPUs. A ring with internal tooth-shaped hooks fits grooves on the underside of the pump in a twist-locking fashion. While the accompanying photo does not show it, the EVGA 240 CLC comes boxed with manufacturer-applied thermal compound, though it seemed chalky and dry. We removed this for testing, as all of our cooler tests are performed using Arctic MX-4 thermal compound.

The tubing connecting the pump to the radiator is semi-rigid and sleeved in satin black nylon braiding. The connections at the pump do allow some twisting orientation during mounting and radiator positioning, but the tubing fittings at the radiator are fixed. While this allows for ease of setup and positioning, we would recommend not rotating the fittings any more than needed.

Given that the EVGA 240 CLC utilizes a very common 2x120mm radiator size, it should fit most standard, dual 120mm case fan mounts. For our testing, the EVGA 240 CLC is configured in the top of our standard testing system with the fans set to exhaust out the top panel. Since the fans were factory installed in a push configuration—that is, forcing air through the radiator—we simply need to mount the radiator in the top of the case without any modification.

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