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Extreme Overclocking

Adequate Cooling

Do Not Try This At Home

Art and crafts stores carry paint by numbers kits to make average people look like Picasso. Even Bob Ross had a show on PBS (public television station) to improve people's technique in making their paintings look more realistic. However, truly exquisite art that stands the test of time can only be taught by experience. Many artists exist but the upper echelon is held by a small percentage of the general population.

Filling up on liquid nitrogen

Overclocking can also be considered an art form. There is an entire community of individuals bent of breaking benchmarking records such as Futuremark's 3DMark series. These guys are passionate about breaking the boundaries of normal computer operation. They experiment with various cooling methods, as simple as air, all the way up to phase changers (technology found in air conditioners), ethanol and dry ice, and even liquid nitrogen. If you get good enough, you could find your way into the corporate world. Such was the case for Sami "Macci" Makinen, who was hired by ATI in 2005 as a consultant to work with the company's motherboards.

Meters in place, Macci tests the limits of a John Bruno (ATI/AMD) modified motherboard and an engineering Radeon X850 XT PE 512 MB graphics card.