Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 6: Totally Awesome Computers Ridiculously Insane

Look And Feel

When we turned the system on, we immediately discovered that the RAID array had fallen out of configuration. We tried to rebuild it but with all our efforts it was to no avail. We then looked to re-image the machine. After rummaging through the boxes we did not find a disk containing an image of the system. What we did find was a copy of Windows XP Media Center, which marked the first time we saw it used for a gaming platform.

We contacted customer service for instructions on what they would like us to do to fix the machine. They told us to reinstall the operating system. We then proceeded to wipe out the drives for a fresh install. However, we could not get RAID recognized in the Windows installer so we ended up re-installing Windows using just one of the Raptors.

Although falling out of the RAID configuration is not entirely TAC's fault, they did not use preventative measures, such as using secure connects on the SATA cables or securing the cables to anything rigid. The simplest method they could have used was a dab of hot glue. This is most likely why this system, and many others, fall out of RAID during shipping.

The case we received from TAC was of excellent quality and fully featured, as were most other cases we have tested in this group. It had a side window and a front panel with two USB ports.

The case also has a fan control right under the power and reset buttons. If you would like to change the airflow in the case, all you have to do is set them to one of three speeds.