Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 6: Totally Awesome Computers Ridiculously Insane


Do you get a lot of goodies for $5000? Yes, you do. However, if you've already got a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers, you could likely knock down the price of this system. As for performance, in comparison to the others and specifically our test system, it is slower.

Is it that much worse? No. It was playable but is it worth the amount you would spend? Do you need all of the accessories? You make the choice. We provide the information but you the consumer need to make that decision.

It was refreshing that TAC made sure the entire system would make a person who currently has a terrible or terribly outdated system feel whole again if they purchased theirs. With all of the extras at this price, it would make an addition to your gaming arsenal. It's just that we expected more performance from a system in this price range.

You have now seen all of the systems in this series. We will give you a full wrap up including our favorites, our picks, what we liked, what we hated and finally what we at THG will be doing in the next round of system reviews to get true systems that consumers will be capable of purchasing.