Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 6: Totally Awesome Computers Ridiculously Insane

Look And Feel, Continued

The cables were sheathed in a mesh wrap and appeared to be neat. However, upon further examination, there were red, yellow, black and white cables covering the upper right hand corner of the motherboard. In terms of cabling, we were not "totally" impressed.

Thumbscrews were used to connect basically everything you would want to remove: power supply, hard drive tray, side panels, motherboard tray, etc. Everything inside of this case was secure - except the SATA cables.

The stock AMD heat sink and fan are utilized in this case. It is obvious that they use retail parts. This is a good indicator that the consumer is getting exactly what they pay for.

That being said, we saw a set of memory we had not seen before. The SuperTalent is not what we would expect in a high end gaming system that demands timings and customized clocks. As you will see, we did not have the best results with the TAC system and memory could have played a part in it.