The Fastest GeForce2 GTS Card - Gainward's CARDEXpert GeForce2 GTS/400

Benchmark Results: Quake 3 Arena Demo001

Here you can nicely see the proof for the memory limitation of a default GeForce2 GTS card. Already at 400 MHz memory clock and with unchanged chip clock the Gainward card can leave the default cards quite far behind in high resolutions. Once the Gainward card is clocked at maximum settings it can score some hefty 23.7 fps more at 1600x1200x16-bit color. The 32 MB GeForce2 GTS is only at the highest resolutions lagging behind the 64 MB version at the same memory clock.

Things changed once we used 32-bit color. You can see that the excess memory clock of the Gainward card translates directly into frame rate. 70.6 fps at 1280x1024 and 32-bit color is quite an impressive score and way beyond the 44.6 fps scored by a default GeForce2 GTS with 32 MB memory.