The Fastest GeForce2 GTS Card - Gainward's CARDEXpert GeForce2 GTS/400

Gainward / Taiwan - Looking For A New Friend In The 3D Chip Arena

You might have heard of Gainward and their 'Cardex' products before or you might as well ask 'Gain ... what?' This Taiwanese graphics cards and motherboard maker used to be a close friend of S3 and so all its past products were based on the 3D-chips of this company. Now, since VIA has taken over most of S3's graphics business, Gainward is feeling a bit lonely. In the past NVIDIA wasn't exactly interested to do business with them and now there's hardly any other chipmaker left anymore.

Gainward Gives GeForce2 GTS What It Really Needs - 64 MB Of Fast Memory

Gainward knocked at NVIDIA's door and decided to make cards with GeForce2 GTS and other NVIDIA chips. To get some attention in the tough 3D-card market Gainward had to do something rather special. It moved completely away from its old image as a provider of cost effective low-end 3D cards and went for the production of the fastest 3D card that money can buy right now. The trick is not too difficult. After looking closely at the memory problems and thus the performance restrictions of GeForce2 GTS Gainward made the decision to equip this chip with some really fast memory.

EliteMT supplied Gainward with 5 ns DDR SDRAM chips, which found their way on Gainward's upcoming 64 MB GeForce2 GTS card.