FC-PGA Pentium III on Celeron PGA370/Slot1 Converter Cards

Getting An Socket370/Slot1 Adapter Card Ready For FC-PGA Coppermine - The Theory

Although Socket370 and FC-PGA370 are physically identical, Intel decided to make sure that Coppermines would not work in any Celeron-platform. Frank says in his article that Coppermine has 40 different pin assignments compared to Celeron, which sounds pretty hopeless. I haven't counted them personally, but I believe that it's a lot. In this case however, we only have to concentrate on 3 or possibly 5 pins and the work required to make the 'slocket-card' work with Coppermine is very very simple.

  • The Voltage Issue

  • Celeron usually runs with 2 V core-voltage and many older Celeron-motherboards can't supply the much lower 1.65 V that are required by Coppermine. This is not a real issue for the 'Slocket'-cards though, because you can plug those in any Slot1, at least into any single-CPU motherboard. To keep your Coppermine alive you should obviously chose a motherboard that can supply 1.65 V and plug the slocket-card in there. To make sure that your slocket-card doesn't do strange things to the VID-signals, it is helpful if you can adjust the voltage (1.65 V) already on the adapter card. This way the Slot1-motherboard will definitely get the correct voltage-request. The Asus S370 gives you that option; you only need to find out the right jumper settings.