FC-PGA Pentium III on Celeron PGA370/Slot1 Converter Cards

Theoretical Summary, Continued

What we need to do now is

  • Make sure that the 'Reset#'-signal of Socket370, that arrives at the useless 'Reset2#'-pin (X4) of Coppermine gets 'redirected' to Coppermine's 'Reset#'-pin (AH4). The simplest way to do this is connecting the two pins with a simple wire.
  • Pull down 'RTTCTRL' (S35) and 'SLEWCTRL' (E27) with two 330 Ohm resistors. This procedure might not be necessary, but it is the safer way. I did not do it and my Coppermine 800 runs perfectly.
  • Disconnect 'AM2'. This is easier said than done, but there is a pretty archaic way to do it.

That's what needs doing in the left upper corner.